About PDI Solutions
PDI Solutions was founded with the belief that:
"For organisations to achieve success
and hold competitive advantage,
they need talented, engaged,
knowledgeable and skilled employees."
We believe that quality learning and development opportunities play a major role in attracting the right candidates, engaging employees and retaining them.
At PDI Solutions, training is our passion, it is what we live and breathe.  We aim to assist individuals, teams and organisations to be the best version of themselves, to continue to grow, to strive for change and difference and to chase down success in all they do.
PDI Solutions can advise, consult and work with you to assist with the planning and implementation of:
  • Employee Engagement Strategies

  • Training and Development Strategies

  • Talent Management Strategies

  • Business Improvement Strategies


© 2015 PDI Solutions (Trading as Kathleen J Miles)


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