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Strategic Planning Solutions

PDI Solutions uses the Human Performance Technology (HPT) Process for strategic planning as strategy shouldn't just be about numbers and processes.  It needs to involve the human element and consider things like change management to be truly successful.


"HPT uses a wide range of interventions that are drawn from many other disciplines, including total quality management, process improvement, behavioural psychology, instructional systems design, organisational development and human resources management" (ISPI, 2007).

Strategic Planning Techniques
The HPT Process:

The HPT Process is a ten-step process as follows:

  1. Analyse what is happening (performance).

  2. Envision what should be happening (performance).

  3. Clarify present and future performance gaps.

  4. Determine the present and future importance of the performance gaps.

  5. Identify underlying cause(s) of performance gap(s).

  6. Select human performance enhancement (HPE) strategies, individually or collectively, that close performance gaps by addressing their cause.

  7. Assess the likely outcomes of implementation to minimise negative side effects (change management) and maximise positive results.

  8. Establish an action plan for implementation of HPE strategies (performance improvement intervention/strategies).

  9. Implement HPE strategies.

  10. Evaluate results during and after implementation, feeding information back into step one to prompt continuous improvement and organisational learning.



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