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The Leadership Journey
By Kathy Miles


  • Are you about to embark on the journey of a leadership role? 

  • Are you currently a leader in an organisation with high turnover? 

  • Are you looking to refresh your leadership skills?


There is a well known saying in business that ‘people don’t leave companies, they leave bad bosses’.  One of the biggest challenges for leaders of today is learning how to engage, motivate and retain your employees, or essentially, become an effective leader. 

After running hundreds of management and leadership courses across Australia it has shown Kathy that there are always areas that leaders can improve on, regardless of whether they have been in the job for one month or 30 years.  

The Leadership Journey takes 15 lessons that are learnt through travel and applies these to leadership.  Kathy believes that true success comes when you are able to take lessons learnt in one area of your life and apply them to other areas.  The 15 fun and easy to follow lessons outlined in The Leadership Journey will assist to you to become a better prepared leader who can tackle the challenge of engaging, motivating and retaining your employees head on. 


The Leadership Journey will also ignite the travel bug in you and for those who travel often; the stories will bring back funny and happy travel memories of your own.


Australian Buyers:

$15.95 including postage and handling to anywhere in Australia.  Click the Buy Now button to proceed.

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A personalised, signed copy of 'The Leadership Journey' for $20.95 including postage and handling to anywhere in Australia.  Click the Buy Now button to proceed.

International Buyers (including e-book on Kindle):  

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Change - Opening Door
Praise for The Leadership Journey:

"Learning and improving your leadership skills is a lifelong journey.  The Leadership Journey delves into 15 leadership lessons that are essential skills and qualities that a leader of today needs to actively demonstrate in order to run a successful team.  The lessons and travel stories are easy to read, interesting and take the reader on a journey of discovery.”

Bruce Mathieson, CEO, Australian Leisure & Hospitality (ALH) Group



“This book has been written in a style that is easy to read as it takes you through some well known, yet often overlooked, lessons of life and also tackles some serious leadership issues.


I feel confident that The Leadership Journey will be retained as a reference book for years to come by many business leaders, as although the lessons shared are well known to most they are good reminders that will prove beneficial in assisting you with your leadership development.  If you are an experienced leader there is equal value in being reminded of the many lessons of life that impact us professionally and personally.


Quality leadership is essential in all industry sectors and through books like The Leadership Journey we will all be assisted as we continue to contribute to the development of our careers, those of our staff and colleagues, and ensure the ongoing professionalism of the industries in which we work.  A well presented book that I hope you enjoy.”

Russell Butler, Travel Industry Manager, Avis Budget Group Australia



"The Leadership Journey is an insightful and riveting read that explores the characteristics, values and behaviours of leaders and how the experience of travel develops these skills and attributes through the diversity of experience that travel instills.


Delivered in her own inimitable style - Kathy Miles is more than well credentialed in both leadership and travel, having pioneered, authored and delivered the initial leadership and management training module for the ALH Group in Australia.   Her own extensive experience resonated strongly in the delivery of her leadership training (as it does in this book) through the many great examples and anecdotes.  Such stories were always the signature of her training that gave the message such traction with our people.


This is a must read for up and coming passionate retail and hospitality leaders - its pages are full of real life not theory - and that is what makes both great leaders and a great read!"

Steve Howarth, National Operations Manager, Australian Leisure & Hospitality (ALH) Group



“As a business leader in my chosen profession I understand now more than ever that leadership is a journey and not a destination. It’s important to be on top of your game all the time to set an example for those who follow.


The Leadership Journey by Kathy Miles captures all of the key qualities of effective leadership. It’s a must read for any emerging leader and a good source of reference for anyone wanting to reenergise their career.”

Andrew Northcott, Director, Byfields Business Advisers

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