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Organisation Development Solutions

PDI Solutions can assist you with many organisational development and human resources solutions, including:


Recruitment & Selection:

With many years of experience in managing the recruitment process and

thousands of interviews conducted, PDI Solutions is expertly placed to

assist you with all aspects of recruitment and selection, including:


  • Designing and Implementing a recruitment strategy

  • Developing recruitment processes

  • Developing recruitment templates

  • Training the recruitment team

  • Assisting with the recruitment and selection process

  • Sourcing of providers (medical checks, psychological tests)

  • Career counselling services for employees

Recruitment Techniques

Employee Engagement:

"The most successful organisations make engagement an ongoing priority, not a once-a-year event" (BlessingWhite, 2008). There have been many clear links established between employee engagement and items such as retention, productivity and profit.


"Research from The Gallup Organisation has found that actively disengaged employees are less productive, less profitable, less loyal, less likely to provide excellent customer service and are often disruptive on the job" (Donaldson, 2005).   


Employee engagement surveys normally show a clear correlation between employee engagement and retention.  This further reinforces the message that organisation's can not afford to ignore employee engagement as an important measure of their organisation's success.


PDI Solutions can assist you to do the following:


  • Design and implement an ongoing employee engagement strategy for your organisation

  • Develop and implement an employee engagement survey for your organisation

  • Analyse and present the results of an employee engagement survey

  • Educate managers in regards to employee engagement strategies and impact

Succession Planning:

Succession planning is a key element to ensuring that your organisation is prepared for the future.  Ideally this should occur on a yearly basis, to target any new issues, trends or challenges that come up in the year.


One such challenge is the impact that the retirement of the Baby Boomers is having.  According to research by Diagonal Consulting, 9 out of 10 organisations do not have a talent management strategy in place. This is a scary thought considering that the world is undergoing a talent crisis.        


Many organisations have big proportions (over half the workforce) of Baby Boomers, which can lead to a very large workforce gap.  Not only do organisations need to worry about the workforce gap, they also have to worry about the gap in knowledge and talent.  

With the departure of the Baby Boomers comes an influx of Generation Y and Z.     


Generation Y now make up approximately 40% of the workplace, while Generation Z make up approximately 6%. Both have wants and needs specific to their generation:


  • They value work-life balance, if it comes down to a choice between the two, life will win every time. 
  • 63% will stay less than 2 years with an employer.  They want variety and flexibility, they want to learn and grow.  If a position or organisation is not giving them this, then they will move somewhere that will.
  • They have ambitious career paths, 81% will leave if not promoted within 2 years.
  • They want leadership, not management.  They value leadership that involves empowerment and coaching.
  • 90% of them would stay longer with an employee, had they had training and development.
Talent Management/Succession Planning Techniques

PDI Solutions can assist you to develop and implement a talent management plan aimed at attracting and retaining your best talent.  

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