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PDI Solutions Services
PDI Solutions offers proven experience in the following services:
Strategic Planning


Strategic planning is one of the most important things an organisation can do to continue to move forward, grow and improve.  


Areas we can assist in include:

  • Developing a Strategic Planning Toolkit

  • Completing a Situational Analysis

  • Completing a SWOT Analysis

  • Developing a Vision, Mission Statement and Organisational Core Values

  • Creating an Actions List

  • Linking Strategy with Training Plans and HR Initiatives



We can assist with all your facilitation requirements, including workshops, training courses, conferences or team building days.  We believe that attendees learn best when they are engaged, inspired and learning from each other.


Taking on a true facilitation role, we will facilitate an interactive, shared learning experience.  


With proven experience in facilitation, we can assist you with all your facilitation needs.

Training Needs Analysis


All good training and development plans should arise from a training needs analysis (TNA).  


We can assist you to develop a TNA process and templates, or to complete the TNA for you.  


We can also assist with a Training Gap Analysis which will assess employees current knowledge, skills and experience against the desired levels needed to achieve your strategic plan/vision. This in turn will identify any gaps in these areas and assist with the development of a training plan.

Leadership Development


Effective leadership is one of the key factors that determines employee engagement, so it is important to place the right emphasis on developing your leaders and giving them the tools and resources they need in order to do their jobs effectively.

With hundreds of management and leadership programs developed and delivered for a range of clients and industries, we are well placed to assist you to implement a leadership solution in your workplace.

Instructional Design


PDI Solutions can assist with all your Instructional Design requirements, including:

  • Storyboarding

  • Elearning Course Design

  • Face-to-Face Course Design

  • Webcast Training Design


With over 15 years of experience designing training programs for many organisations and industries, we can assist you in the following training areas - systems, compliance , induction and soft-skills training.

Employee Engagement


Our principal consultant has a wide range of experience with employee engagement, completing a year-long research project on employee engagement which saw her run a high-volume engagement survey across Perth and then present the results back to all the involved industries via a seminar.


Apart from this, Kathy has worked with organisations across Australia to design and implement customised engagement surveys and strategies to improve engagement.

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