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Articulate Storyline Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts

Articulate Storyline is a fantastic computer program that is used to create e-learning courses.

Providing the Instructional Designer that you have creating the course is experienced with Articulate, the courses can be built to be highly interactive and engaging, which is exactly what learners want and need.

I thought that this week I would share some of my favourite Articulate Storyline shortcuts that I have gathered over the years. This is certainly by no means all the shortcuts, but just a list of the most used.

Articulate Storyline Keyboard Shortcuts

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PDI Solutions offers a range of learning and development solutions which are totally customised for each client. With over 15 years experience in learning and development and more than 70 courses built in Articulate Storyline, our consultants are able to assist you with all your design, development and facilitation needs.

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