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To Hire or Outsource Your L&D Function?

To Hire or Outsource Your L&D?

To hire someone and complete the work internally or to outsource the work to someone external? This is the question that many organisations ask themselves about their learning and development function, particularly when it comes to developing courseware (face-to-face, blended or e-learning).

With over 15 years working in the learning and development industry, I have experienced all sides of this industry, including:

  • Working as a National L&D Manager looking after 12,000 employees where we had a mix of completing the work internally, using training providers and contractors.

  • Working for a Registered Training Organisation where I provided organisations with solutions to their training requirements.

  • Working as a consultant/contractor providing instructional design and facilitation services to organisations.

I have created many courses (face-to-face, blended and e-learning) as both an internal resource and an external resource. This blog covers some of the key considerations and advantages and disadvantages that I have uncovered over the years.

Things to Consider:

There is much to consider prior to making a decision; here are some questions to ask:

  • What type of work is required? Do you need an LMS implemented? Do you need a training program developed? Do you want to implement online learning?

  • How much work is required? Is it one program that needs developing or 20?

  • What is the budget that is available? Would this cover a permanent resource or would you be better off with a contractor?

  • Do you want ownership of the material?

  • Do you want to be able to make changes to the material in the future with ease and at a low cost?

  • What resources (people, tools, software etc) are required to complete the work and what would be the cost of obtaining all the necessary resources?

  • What experience, knowledge and skills are required to complete the work? Do you need to train someone to become an expert in a software program such as Adobe or Articulate (an online course building software)?

  • What is the required level of output? For example if you need an online course developed - do you want the course to be highly interactive? Does it need video (and does this need to be produced) etc?

  • What other core functions or key projects need to be undertaken? Are there things that would have to be put on hold if completing the work internally?

Advantages & Disadvantages of Outsourcing Your Training Development:

Outsourcing Training Development

Advantages & Disadvantages of Internal Training Development:

Internal Training Development


So, what is the right choice?

The answer is that there is no right choice - what might work for one organisation might not work for another.

The key to remember is that there are advantages and disadvantages of both. You need to take your current situation into account, consider all the needs and factors involved, weigh up the advantages and disadvantages and then choose the best option for you. Being aware of the potential disadvantages can mean that you are better prepared to deal with these before they become an issue.

PDI Solutions offers a range of learning and development solutions which are totally customised for each client. With over 15 years experience in learning and development and more than 70 courses built in Articulate Storyline, our consultants are able to assist you with all your design, development and facilitation needs.

Contact us today for a free consultation at or visit our website at

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